Zoi Sadowski-Synnott qualifies through to Olympic finals in top spot

Day one of Olympic competition got underway today here at the Genting Snow Park with the women’s snowboard slopestyle qualifiers.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (Wānaka, 20) put down a solid first run, ensuring she got a score on the board. She was sitting in third position after run one with the top 12 women going through to finals.

Not one to backdown, Sadowski-Synnott dropped into run two and gave it everything, landing a technical run, launching herself into the top spot with a score of 86.75 that was untouchable by the 25 women who dropped in after her.

After her second run Zoi explained, “I’m stoked to put both my runs down, link all the tricks and make it to finals. I’ve got a bit more in the tank for tomorrow and hoping for my best performance.”

Fellow Kiwi, 19-year-old Cool Wakushima, had her Olympic debut today in the same event but unfortunately was unable to take her second run, finishing in 23rd position.

Following a successful early training Wakushima injured her tailbone in practice late yesterday. 

She showed up today despite being in pain, determined to ride through. Unfortunately, a subsequent fall during her first run has resulted in her being unable to drop into run two. 

Wakushima has now returned to the village and we will see her in action in the Big Air in the coming days where she will be looking to put down her best tricks. 

“It’s a real shame, she hurt her tailbone pretty badly yesterday but being the absolute trooper that she is, she tried to push through it today. I’m bummed for Cool but she’s a tough nut and we’ll turn our focus now to big air.” Wakushima’s coach Mitch Brown explained.

The women’s snowboard slopestyle finals will take place tomorrow (Sunday 6 February), with the first of the three runs scheduled for 9.30am local time (2.30pm NZT).

Immediately after the women’s finals we will see Tiarn Collins dropping into the men’s snowboard qualifiers on the same course.

Zoi Sadowski-Synnott qualifies through to Olympic finals in top spot

2 years ago
  Zoi Sadowski-Synnott