Alpine ski racing in New Zealand is governed by the rules of the International Ski Federation (FIS). The New Zealand Competition Rules (NZCR) provide guidance for events which sit outside of the FIS rule book (for example Interfield and school races). Follow the links below to download information on:


International Competition Rules (FIS) (v.July 2018)
New Zealand Competition Rules (v.May 2019)
Precisions and Instructions to NZ Competitions Rules (v.June 2019)
Age Group Classifications 2019 (v.May 2019)


Selection Policies and Criteria

2018-2022 Carding Criteria
2019/20 NZ Ski Team (tbc)
2020 Lausanne Winter Youth Olympic Games Nomination Criteria  
2020 Narvik World Junior Championships Selection Criteria (tbc)
2020 FIS International Youth Competitions
2019 Otago Academy of Sport & SSNZ 'Pathway to Podium' Criteria



Race Official Duty Allocation On Hill Forms
Perpetual Trophy Acceptance Gate Judge Report Card
Medical Support Requirements Assessment Form Finish Referee Report Card
FIS Athlete's Declaration Start Referee Report Card 
  Referee Report Form
Timing & Calculations  
Race Penalty Calculation   
Back Up Time Calculation Technical Delegates
Hand Timers Recording Sheet TD Report 


Medical & Anti-Doping

Drug Free Sport NZ
FIS Concussion Policy (v.2019)
ACC Sport Smart Concussion Guidelines
SSNZ Concussion Policy (v.May 2019)
Printable Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool
Scat 5 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool for Children (For use by medical professionals only)
Scat 5 Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (For use by medical professionals only)
SSNZ Alpine Health & Safety Update 13th June 2016


Officials and Coaches Education

SSNZ Race Officials Pathway Overview
SSNZ & NZSIA Coaches Pathway