Save the Dates: Adaptive Forum and Committee Election

Snow Sports NZ will hold its annual Adaptive Forum at its offices at 78 Anderson Road, Wanaka from 6pm on Saturday 3 September. The new Adaptive Sport Committee will be announced at the Forum.

Snow Sports NZ will accept applications from members wishing to stand for the Adaptive Sport Committee from 15 – 22 August. Online and postal voting will be open from 24 August until 5pm on 2 September. Voting will also be open on the day of the Adaptive Forum, Saturday 3 September.

Members of Snow Sports NZ (Adaptive) may exercise their vote for the Adaptive Sport Committee by completing an electronic form instead of voting at the Adaptive Forum on 3 September 2016. Snow Sports NZ encourages members to attend the Adaptive Forum if at all possible.

The role of the Adaptive Sport Committee is to provide sport-specific input directly to the Snow Sports NZ management team. The snow sport committees are a key element to the success of the sport, event and coaching pathways. 

The Snow Sports NZ Adaptive Sports Committee is made up of a maximum of seven members, one of whom is a Snow Sports NZ employee*.

The members of the Adaptive Sports Committee are not regional representatives. It is critical that the committee is not biased toward, or against, any region and that it operates for the good of the sport across the whole of New Zealand. 

Snow Sports NZ seeks nominations from financial members: 

  1. with a passion for Adaptive Snow Sports;
  2. with sufficient knowledge, time and energy to drive the sport forward;
  3. who are interested in developing the sport as a whole, not an individual interest;
  4. who have a vision of what needs to happen to increase the number of competitors and the success of New Zealand athletes on the world stage.

To stand for election or to vote in the Adaptive Sport Committee elections, you must be a member of Snow Sports NZ and over 16 years of age. Membership renewal is available here or new members can sign up here.

Save the Dates:

15th August: Applications open
22nd August: Applications close
24th August: Open online/postal voting
2nd Sept: Close online/postal voting
3rd Sept: Forum, paper votes and announce committee 


* (Snow Sports NZ Constitution[1] Part IV pp 29-33)