Alice Robinson plans to refocus and looks forward to Super-G

Alice Robinson (Queenstown, 20) started her Winter Olympic campaign today, competing in the women’s Giant Slalom held at the Alpine Venue in Yanqing.  

Robinson was disappointed in her performance, despite giving it her absolute best and finishing in a respectable 22nd equal. She was also the third youngest athlete to finish run one in the top 30.

“Run one I was struggling with certain things like grip and at the top I really just couldn’t find what I was looking for in the feeling - it was just a battle the whole way down.” Robinson explained.

She took some time to reset in the break between the runs and was ready to get back out there after inspection and give it her all in run two. Unfortunately, once again she was unable to find the feeling on her skis that she was looking for.

“I really gave it my best today; I couldn’t quite figure out the snow conditions and it just didn’t work out. It’s very hard to contemplate but it’s just sport and I’ve been skiing really well in Super G and I’m really looking forward to that event. Thanks to all the kiwis for their unconditional support” 

We will see Robinson back in action on the 11th of February, where she will be competing in the speed event of Super-G, where she has seen some fantastic results in her build up to Beijing.

Alice Robinson plans to refocus and looks forward to Super-G

2 years ago
  Alice Robinson