Mariane Wray

Mariane’s role as the Sport Psychologist at Snow Sports NZ encompasses supporting athletes along the continuum from psychological well-being to management of mental aspects of performance under all conditions. This role also involves supporting the psychological development of athletes, staff and the organisation overall, including supporting growth into leadership roles.

Mariane’s background in the Military, as a Personal Trainer and as a Sport Psychologist with other High Performance Sports ensures she has been exposed to high levels of pressure across a range of functions herself, and as a consequence has well developed management strategies that support a range of people across high demand environments, such as elite level competition. Mariane is aware of what is demanded of successful elite level and aspiring athletes, and is passionate about supporting both the team and individual in a holistic sense to become great human beings.

Mariane is married to a maritime treasure hunter with two teenagers and a menagerie of second hand animals. In her spare time, she enjoys time spent outside in nature horse riding, hiking, skiing, and almost anything physical.