Elissa Phillips

Elissa comes to Snow Sports NZ as an accomplished sport scientist and high performance manager, with extensive experience internationally in both able-bodied and para-sport. Most recently Elissa has worked as the Performance Support Networks Lead at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Having worked in performance teams in sport organisations in Australia, USA, and New Zealand, Elissa has extensive experience in leadership roles underpinned by technical knowledge and a passion for sport. These roles ranged from sports science service provision and strategic project work to leading performance support practitioners across national systems and multi-disciplinary teams.

Elissa has spent 15 years of her career at the Australian Institute of Sport in a range of biomechanics focused positions and has enjoyed a pivot to more holistic roles at Netball New Zealand, including National Player Development Manager and Pathways Strategic Projects Lead.

Elissa has a PhD in Human Movement Studies, Masters in Science (Hons) and Bachelor of Physical Education.

Elissa is moving to Wānaka with her partner and two pups!