Info for Parents

Parents have a crucial role to play in introducing their children to skiing and snowboarding and fostering a lifelong love of snow sports. From first turns through to first competition and beyond, parents are the unsung heroes, providing behind-the-scenes support and investing time and resources in their child’s sporting development.

We know that parents love to cheer their children on in competition and we love to see you out there encouraging them. Remember to keep it positive, offering encouragement not criticism. Sport should be a positive experience for children and everyone involved in sport has a responsibility to ensure this is the case. 

Other than being the taxi driver/chef/cheerleader/laundry service/porter, another great way for parents to be involved in their child's sport and support them on their competitive pathway is by volunteering at events. It's a good way to meet other parents, learn more about the sport and make the most of your time on the snow.

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