Fundamentals Info for Parents

If you have skied or boarded you will know how much fun time on the snow can be, and will have seen what a great family sport it is.

The FUNdamentals programme is designed to ensure your child has the basic building blocks of skills in snow sports. Whether kids just want to ski for fun or go on to win an Olympic or Winter X Games medal, these are skills gained for life.

We strongly believe that children learn more powerfully, and participate more fully, when their learning is based around fun and exhilaration. Teaching these essential building blocks through FUN is the basis of the FUNdamentals programme.

FUNdamentals are taught at the Snowplanet in Auckland and resorts throughout the country by qualified NZSIA* instructors.

The levels can be achieved at each individual’s pace.

The FUNdamentals programme is adaptable* allowing those with a disability to achieve to their highest potential level.

o What's Included?

Everyone who participates in the Snow Sports NZ FUNdamentals programme will get a FUNdamentals Passport where their instructors and coaches can log their achievements.

Participants will receive certificates as they achieve each level and coloured dogtags that reflect their level of achievement throughout the programme.

o How Much Does it Cost?

It's free to join FUNdamentals but your child will need to enrol in a lesson with an accredited instructor at a new Zealand resort. 

o How Do I Register My Child for FUNdamentals?

Contact your local resort and discuss with them a programme or lesson plan suitable for your child. Your child’s level will be assessed by their instructor / coach. They will be given a passport and their skills recorded as they develop.

When your child has achieved all the skills in the level, it's time for them to GRAB THEIR TAGS! They will be awarded a certificate with a unique code.

Log in to the FUNdamentals page at and enter the unique code.

You will receive an e-mail of congratulations, and the dog tag will come via post.

Now it's time to get to start working towards the next level in their passport.

o On Snow Safety

The basics of staying safe on the snow are included throughout the FUNdamentals programme.

Helmets – helmets are compulsory for all lesson participants at Snowplanet and in all Snow Sports NZ competitions.

Ensure your child is appropriately addressed. Snowplanet recommends the following:

  • Waterproof gloves are absolutely essential! 
  • A waterproof outer-layer of clothing is recommended to ensure you do not get wet. 
  • A beanie
  • Warm layers of clothing under your waterproof layer is highly recommended to keep you warm
  • Goggles or sunnies


For further info contact:

Tel: 03 443 4085