Online Voting Form 2018

Competitive Members and Recreational Members of Snow Sports New Zealand (“Snow Sports NZ”) may choose to exercise their vote for the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on 5 October, by completing this online form (Rule 23.6*) instead of attending and voting at the AGM or by a Proxy (Rule 23.4).  This method of voting does not count towards the quorum for a General Meeting so Snow Sports NZ encourages Members to attend and vote at all General Meetings rather than use this method of voting.

Snow Sports NZ Board

The Board Appointments Panel (BAP) has recommended Richard Leggat for the Appointed Board Member position and Michelle Trapski for the Elected Board Member position based on the alignment of their skills to the Board’s desired skill matrix.

The other candidates that submitted applications have chosen not to contest the Elected Board Member position against the BAP recommended candidate. 

A candidate statements for the Elected Board Member positions are available on the Snow Sports NZ website

Please do not use this form if you are attending the AGM or if you have appointed a Proxy.

Approval of 2017 AGM Minutes

2018 Financial Statements

2018 Annual Report

Appointment of Auditor

Board Member Election