Proposed Changes to Snow Sports NZ Constitution


Snow Sports NZ has been working with the Alpine Sport Committee and the Alpine Club Presidents to determine ways in which the alpine community can take a more enhanced role in the management and direction of their Snow Sport. This resulted in the establishment of a Heads of Agreement between Snow Sports NZ, the Alpine Sport Committee and the about to be incorporated NZ Ski Clubs. 

The proposed amendments to the Constitution that follow will allow agreements with each Snow Sport to be dealt with in a similar manner.  The rationale behind the changes is that sport specific differences will be contained in Regulations that sit behind the Constitution rather than be imbedded in the Constitution itself.   

Motion 1:  The following paragraph be added to Clause 21.3 of the Snow Sports NZ Constitution: 

“h.    other such duties and responsibilities as may from time to time be agreed between the relevant Sport Committee or a representative body of the Snow Sport recognised by the Board.”

Explanatory Note:  The addition of the suggested paragraph to Clause 21.3 allows for the opportunity for the Sport Committees and other formally recognised representative bodies to take an enhanced role in the management and direction of their Snow Sport. 

Motion 2:  Clause 21.4(b) of Snow Sports NZ Constitution be amended to read:

“two (2) other people (who must be members of Snow Sports NZ) appointed by the Board.  Formally recognised representative bodies of each Snow Sport may recommend individuals for these appointments, and such recommendations will be accepted by the Board unless it has good reason to reject such recommendations; and” 

Explanatory Note:  In the past the Board has made appointments to the Sport Committees after an informal dialogue with the individual Snow Sport discipline.  The amendment to Clause 21.4(b) suggested here codifies the opportunity for the Snow Sport discipline to have a role in those appointments. 

Motion 3: the second sentence ofClause 21.4(c) of the Snow Sports NZ Constitution be amended to read: 

 “This election shall be held in accordance with the Regulations relevant to each Snow Sport at the annual forum held by each Sport Committee (as specified in Rule 21.3g) on a date approved by the Chief Executive or if filling a vacancy under Rule 21.8b, at a forum called by the Sport Committee for this purpose. 

Motion 4: the last sentence ofClause 21.4(c) of the Snow Sports NZ Constitution be amended to read: 

“In the absence of Regulations relevant to a Snow Sport each Individual Member shall be entitled to one (1) vote at each such forum held for their Designated Snow Sport(s), in accordance with the Regulations.“ 

Explanatory Note:  The intent of motions 3 and 4  is to give each Snow Sport the opportunity to determine the process for electing the members to the respective Sport Committees.  Modification of the last sentence will allow the actual process to be set out in the Regulations, which under Clause 32 are determined by the Board. In the absence of sport specific Regulations the one member, one vote rule will continue to apply.