Richard Thomas


Richard Thomas lives in Queenstown and is involved in businesses throughout New Zealand and overseas. He has experience in the tourism industry as the Director of Bookme Ltd, a disruptive tourism-tech marketing company founded in Queenstown late 2010 with operations in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. He is also the Director of Skyline Enterprises Ltd; one of New Zealand’s largest tourism and entertainment companies. Skyline has a very strong domestic portfolio and is proactive in expanding its offshore operations.

Richard has held several governance positions, including as Chairperson or Deputy Chair. These governance roles range broadly across private companies, charitable entities, industry associations, incorporated societies and a listed company on the Unlisted Exchange.

Richard’s business interests encompass media, technology, marketing, branding, travel and tourism, and business and commerce.

His sporting and other interests include skiing, rugby, boxing, fishing, boating, tramping, golf, wine appreciation, cooking and travel.

Richard was appointed to the Snow Sports NZ Board in July 2016.

 Richard Thomas