Speed Ski

Speed Ski New Zealand has a solid history of racing in New Zealand.

Though not currently actively running races, a group of experienced enthusiasts are behind the scenes of this sport, but tied up with other commitments.

For any athlete wanting to competition the world stage, Snow Sports NZ will facilitate FIS licenses and race entries. Snow Sports NZ will also work with anyone who might want to lead the organisation of a race or races within New Zealand.


New Zealand has a long and distinguished past in the sport of Speed Skiing. Courses have been prepared and race on at Turoa, Craigieburn, Cheeseman, Fox Peak, Cardrona and The Remarkables.

In the mid 1980’s Henry Van Asch, Martin Jones, AJ Hacket and others created a national circuit of professional races which led to the creation of the first structured New Zealand Speed Ski Team. In 1992 a team of six competed in Speed Skiing at the Albertville Winter Olympics. Hugh Grierson, David Scott, Mike Brooke-Jones, Rickie Powell, Lisa Powell (and reserve Michael Wallis). All did well against a strong international field, their best result, Lisa’s 9th placing.

New Zealand 200K Club * 

  • Chris Gebbie 2005 232.860 Les Arc France
  • Russ Baunton 2005 225.990 Les Arc France
  • Ricky Powell * 1992 210.390 Vars France
  • Lisa Powell 1992 209.424 Les Arc France
  • Hugh Grierson 1992 205.597 Les Arc France
  • David Scott 1991 201.559 Les Arc France
  • Mike Wallis * 1992 200.340 Vars France

National Speed Record Holder History


  • 2005 Chris Gebbie 232.860 Les Arc France
  • 2005 Chris Gebbie 226.990 Les Arc France
  • 2005 Russell Baunton 225.990 Les Arc France
  • 2005 Russell Baunton 215.960 Les Arc France
  • 2004 Chris Gebbie 207.850 Les Arc France
  • 1992 Hugh Grierson 205.597 Les Arc France
  • 1991 David Scott 201.559 Les Arc France
  • 1987 Henry Van Asch 192.720 Turoa Mangaehuehu Glacier
  • 1986 Martin Jones 183.490 La Clusaz France
  • 1984 Otti Hauke 146.000 Craigieburn Hamilton Face


  • 1992 Lisa Powell 209.424 Les Arc France
  • 1992 Lisa Powell 193.966 Les Arc France
  • 1991 Lisa Powell 191.890 Vars France
  • 1987 Virginia Bush 135.950 Remarkables Lake Alta
  • 1987 Marie Lynghang 135.000 Tandedalen Sweden
  • 1986 Marie Lynghang 124.310 Turoa Mangaehuehu Glacier
  • 1985 Cathy Basalaj 107.660 Fox Peak