Getting as many snowboarders as possible on the same page gives Snowboarding a stronger case and voice for any initiatives or issues that arise within the sport in Aotearoa. As we help more riders get into the sport, educate them and support them, we will be able to see the sport continue to grow.

Becoming a member of Snow Sports NZ allows you to add your voice to the sport, support the sport financially with your membership fees and gain benefits associated to Snow Sports NZ.

Types of Snow Sports NZ membership:

Recreational Member:

For those who enjoy shredding around the mountain, or are in the learning phase the sport.

Join up as a Recreational Snowboard Member and help support Snowboard! Your membership fee goes towards programmes like The FUNdamentals. We want to see more people getting on snowboards on the snow! Tell your friends about us!

If you are aged 16 years and over, membership entitles you to vote at the Snow Sports NZ Annual General Meeting.

Competitive Member:

Membership entitles you to compete in Snow Sports NZ events at a national level or at the international level FIS events.  The fee goes direct to your chosen sport, Snowboard, for development of this sport. In addition, the fee covers the cost of your annual national or FIS licence.

Competitive Snowboard members are categorized as follows:

- Schools – Entitles you to compete at all school events throughout New Zealand. Schools membership does not entitle you to compete at Junior Nationals. If you wish to enter this event, please select Junior Competitive as your membership option. 
- Junior Competitive - For members U10, U12, U14, U16. 
- National Competitive - For members U18, U21, Senior. Membership valid for:  Secondary School Events, Masters (30 years and over)
- Masters Competitive - For members age 30 years and over. Membership valid for: Masters Events only.
- FIS – you compete in FIS events. 


So how do I join?

Snow Sports NZ membership for 2015 - 2016 will be available online from mid-June 2015.

Any issues please e-mail