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  • About the Sport:

    Snowboarding is about riding the whole mountain, whether it’s the natural mountain terrain or in the halfpipe or terrain parks. It’s about pushing the boundaries, developing innovative techniques, and making history. It embraces the spirit of youth, diversity and passion. Snowboarding was invented in the early 60’s but most major resorts didn’t allow snowboarders on their slopes until the early 90’s. While there are still one or two holdouts, nearly every resort around the world now allows snowboarders. In the early days snowboarding was popular amongst youth but less so among adults. The sport has evolved quickly and now spans the generations from the very young to the very old.

    Snowboarding is a multi-million dollar global industry with high profile events such as the Winter X-Games and Winter Dew Tour. Snowboard Halfpipe and Giant Slalom debuted at the Winter Olympic Games in 1998, followed by Snowboard Cross in 2006. Slopestyle featured for the first time at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games