This outline of the Snow Sports NZ pathway for ski racing athletes, shows the different stages of development required for ski racing from grassroots to elite international podium. This pathway is intended to be used by athletes, coaches and parents as a guide to understanding the steps in developing world class athletes.

Programme directors, coaches and administrators for this pathway are challenged to provide the leadership, structure and resources necessary for athletes to progress through the pathway and reach their goals.

The focus is on long term athlete development based on the 10 year – 10,000 hour rule. Several studies have focused on examining what it takes to produce world leading performances and become expert in a variety of fields. All of these studies have concluded that the highest levels of performance and achievement require at least 10 years – 10,000 hours of focused deliberate practice. This pathway is designed to provide the steps through the 10,000 hours.

The role of the pathway:

  • To highlight athlete development stages
  • To have a unified national development pathway
  • Alignment of the athlete, coach and competition pathways
  • Create and provide the necessary coach, event and officials structure to support athlete development
  • Educate all athletes, coaches and parents on long term athlete development.

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Southern Hemisphere - NZ