Freesking NZ Pathway

Our goal is to promote and advance each of the disciplines within freeskiing by taking a whole-of-sport approach – from encouraging participation at the recreational level right through to supporting athletes aspiring to compete in elite international competitions.

We develop both athlete and coaching pathways to keep our sport vibrant, and to ensure that our top athletes and coaches realise their potential nationally and internationally. Learn the FUNdamentals of the skiing to ensure you have the base skills to develop further. 

This pathway shows the different stages of development required for each of the snow sports from grassroots to elite international podium.

It is intended to be used by athletes, coaches and parents as a guide to understanding the steps in developing world class athletes. Programme directors, coaches and administrators for this pathway are challenged to provide the leadership, structure and resources necessary for athletes to progress through the pathway and reach their goals.

Our focus is on long term athlete development. In a sport that is evolving so quickly the focus includes ski technique and all round skills on snow and in the gym: trampoline. 


The athlete pathway aims to develop world class snow sport athletes in New Zealand.


Highlight athlete development stages
Unify the national development pathway
Align the athlete, coach and competition pathways
Create and provide the necessary coach, event and officials structure to support athlete development
Educate all athletes, coaches and parents on long term athlete development.

Download the Freeskiing NZ Pathway Overview

Regional Training Providers

Cardrona Park Squad

Northern Snow Sports

Snowplanet 365 Training Centre

Ruapehu Snow Sports

Treble Cone