Lyndon Sheehan

a.k.a "Lyndog"

Rider Information

  • Hometown: Wanaka
  • Northern Base: Breckenridge

Lyndon Sheehan 's Bio

My love for freeskiing began as a youngster in a ski racing suit. The first time I saw the older guys flying out of the halfpipe on those weird double tipped skis my attention was well and truly distracted from the racecourse. In my imagination I was right there with those guys, playing on the jumps, doing all sorts of cool tricks. I knew that was where I wanted to be.

Nine years down the track, with lots of dedication to working hard on and off snow, I have now travelled the globe, pursuing all the things I love about freeskiing. i have seen some amazing places, met some incredible people and found myself in some crazy situations!

I have grown a lot through my pursuit of becoming a professional athlete, experiencing the highs and lows of competition, photo shoots, powder days, rainy days and sunny days: they're all part of the journey.

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