For Parents

If you have skied or boarded you will know how much fun time on the snow can be, and will have seen what a great family sport it is.

Snow Sports Groms is for youth - a part of the Snow Sports NZ website that's about communicating with your kids, letting them know about events and delivering the FUNdamentals Programme.

FUNdamentals are a series of skills, delivered at snow sports schools around the country, taught through six progressive levels that ensure your child has the basic building blocks of skills in snow sports.

Instructors from Snowsports Schools teach because they love to ski or ride and want to pass on this passion to others and help unlock these skills while keeping them safe in the mountain environment.

Whether kids just want to ski for fun or go on to win an Olympic or Winter X Games medal, these are skills gained for life.

o Our Approach

Children learn more powerfully, and participate more fully, when their learning is based around fun and exhilaration. Teaching these essential building blocks through FUN is the basis of this programme.

FUNdamentals are taught through the snowsports schools at New Zealand resorts by qualified NZSIA* instructors and / or coaches through lessons or coaching programmes. This ensures quality teaching and consistent comparable standards in skills taught throughout the country.

The levels can be achieved at each individual’s pace.

The FUNdamentals programme is adaptable* allowing those with a disability to achieve to their highest potential level.

Snowboard and Ski both have their own levels; however, excellence in a level can be achieved by a grom showing skills with both skis and snowboard.

o What's Included?

Everyone who signs up as a Snow Sports Grom and for the Snow Sports NZ FUNdamentals programme will get a FUNdamentals Passport where their instructors and coaches can log their achievements.

Snow Sports Groms will receive certificates as they achieve each level and coloured dogtags that reflects their level of achievement throughout the programme

Groms can log in their achievement on the Snow Sports Groms website each time they achieve a new level.

How much does it cost?

The cost of lessons through programmes delivering the FUNdamentals levels will vary with each Snowsports School and will also be dependent on how quickly the skills in each level are accomplished.

It costs nothing to register for to become a Snow Sports Grom.

The fees, which can be paid online, cover the cost of certificates, dogtags, and help to support the sport.

How to Register your Child

1. Join up as a FUNdamentals member

2. Find your nearest local resort and discuss with them a programme or lesson plan suitable for your grom.

3. Your grom’s level will be assessed by their instructor / coach. They will be given a passport and their skills recorded as they develop.

4. When they have achieved all the skills in the level, they will be awarded a certificate.

5. Log in to FUNdamentals programme at to record their achievement.

On the back of the certificate is a unique id. Log in to your FUNdamentals page and tick which level your grom has just passed. Use the unique id code on the back of the certificate to verify this award. This will then record the details on your groms Snow Sports NZ FUNdamentals membership. You will receive an e-mail of congratulations, and the dog tag will come vis post.

6. Work towards the next level in their passport.

o Parents as Volunteers

If you want to be involved and help out with your child’s sport you can:

  • Ski or board with them after lessons to let them show you what they have learnt.
  • Volunteer at an event

        Competitions are the way that children learn to compete, show their skills and develop more. Competitions start at a simple grassroots participation level in NZ, right through to international events. Volunteers are the backbone of these events and we cannot run them without you.

Contact your local ski club or resort about up coming events that need your help.

Snow Sports NZ holds training sessions each year for teaching volunteer event  roles. These are free of charge.  To learn more about these sessions…(details)

o On Snow Safety

The basics of staying safe on the snow are included throughout the FUNdamentals programme at the appropriate level to support the skills and access to the parts of the mountain your grom will be skiing or riding.

Helmets – helmets are not compulsory on the mountain, but we strongly recommend all children wear a safety regulation helmet that is fitted correctly for your child. Helmets are compulsory in all Snow Sports NZ competitions, and in the park and pipe at many resorts.

The Ski Resorts are in a mountain environment. Weather can change rapidly and one can experience extremes of cold, wind and sun exposure.

Ensure your child has protection for all variables available.

Avalanche Hazards are well managed within the boundaries on all New Zealand Ski Resorts by Ski Patrol.

Contact details

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