Structure and Governance


Snow Sports NZ Chief Executive Marty Toomey, with staff, manage the operations of Snow Sports NZ and its sports.

Snow Sports NZ Organisational Chart

Governance - Snow Sports NZ Board:

The Board is responsible for governing Snow Sports NZ subject to its Constitution.

Membership of the Board:

The Board comprises:

Three appointed members

Four elected members

The objects of Snow Sports NZ include:

• To be the national body in New Zealand to promote, develop, enhance, and protect all the snow sports mainly as amateur sports for the recreation and entertainment of the general public in New Zealand;

• To establish, promote, and stage international, national, and other snow sports competitions and events in New Zealand, including snow sport competitive events, and to determine the rules of such competitions and events;

• To develop and maintain world class high performance programmes in snow sports;

• To work in partnership with the providers in the snow sports industry, including training providers, private operators, and clubs, to ensure high standards of development and delivery for snow sports in New Zealand;

For full details see the Snow Sports NZ Constitution 

Snow Sports New Zealand Constitution  

Snow Sports NZ Annual Report 30 June 2015

Snow Sports NZ's Strategic Plan