Winter Performance Programme

"Inspiring New Zealanders through Winter Olympics, Paralympics and Premier Winter Sport Success"

Since its inception in 2006/7 the intent of the Winter Performance Programme (WPP) has been to increase the capability of NZ's high performance winter Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Historically governed by the New Zealand Academy of Sport (South Island) and High Performance Sport NZ (HPSNZ), WPP was transitioned into Snow Sports NZ on the 1st June 2012. The WPP will continue to dedicate resources to supporting New Zealand's elite winter (snow and ice) sport athletes through until Sochi 2014.

The programme supports both snow and ice athletes who meet strict criteria for investment which is aligned to the HPSNZ carding and investment criteria. The investment allows the support of athletes and coaches through all aspects of performance from science and medicine to coaching, performance planning and logistics.

WPP receives investment from HPSNZ to support the athletes in building towards the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Sochi (Russia) in February 2014. Although based in the Central Lakes region, for 6-7 months of the year, snow and ice sports athletes, coaches and many HPSNZ support staff spend the Northern Hemisphere winters preparing and competing in the world’s highest, coldest (and often most expensive) winter resorts in Europe and North America.

The programme's vision is “Inspiring New Zealanders through Winter Olympics, Paralympics and Premier winter sport success” as such the programme invests into athletes who are on track to deliver medal winning and credible performances in 2014.

The programme is headed up by Winter Performance Director Ashley Light, with a team of staff including coaches, and science and medicine providers.

The WPP Strategic Plan to 2014